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View Stream from Vivotek IP Camera on Mac

Default user on Vivotek camera is "root". To view stream media on Mac, I used Quicktime Player and then Open Locations and enter rstp://URL:port/live.sdp where URL = ip address or dyndns address or domain name if you have Port = the port that you map or forward on your router

DVI Pin 14 is shorter than others

I've been wondering about this and wanting to check this out. Wiki clearly clarified this for me. Note also that on the male DVI connector, pin 14 (+5 volts) is shorter than the other pins. This is intended to ensure that this is the last contact to mate when inserting a plug.

Original iPhone Charger under UV Light

Note the glowed dot.

Run As System in XP

Here's how to run any exe as system So…how do we do that? In XP, 2000, Server 2003…you can do this very simply. You will need to be logged in with an account that has administrator privileges. Open a command prompt (Start, Run, CMD). At the command prompt type the following line. Replace 01:23 with the current time in 24 hour format + one minute. i.e. if it is 3:42 in the afternoon, enter it as 15:43. at 01:23 /interactive cmd.exe

My Thesis on CELP

I did a thesis on Code Excited Linear Prediction coding back in my Master. Here's a link to the paper.

Evernote, Catch and Springpad on iPhone

Evernote is the most flexible when editing content. You can add image inline and also set the size of the image. But it does not have a pin to lock the app and still does not support 2 factor authentication. Catch and Springpad support pin lock but is not as good as Evernote editing note content.

Removing ClamXav from Mac

This is the instruction from ClamXav site 22. How do I uninstall ClamXav completely? First thing to do is quit ClamXav Sentry (if you use it) and make sure it's not set to launch at log in. You will then need to find the ClamXav disk image which you downloaded when you installed ClamXav (or download the current one again) as you will find an uninstaller application on that disk. The uninstaller will remove the engine and any schedules you've got set up. All that's left is to drag to the trash.