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Fix Missing Boot File problem on Windows 10

I had problem with Boot Manager after installing Windows 10. Running "bcdedit" I could see that the partition on Windows Boot Manager was wrong. I then used EasyBCD to fix From BCD Backup/Repair, select re-create/repair boot files Perform Action Restart

Remove Earlier Version of Windows Menu When Boot

Run Command Line with Admin Run bcdedit to check previous version entry bcdedit /delete {identifier of Windows Legacy OS Loader} /f You can also use EasyBCD Free tool .

Deleting Locked Windows And Program Files Folders (Windows 10)

After installing Windows 10 on a new drive, you might want to delete all the "Windows", "Program Files" folders on the old drive while keeping other data folders. Deleting directly will give you all the permission issues preventing you from doing this. The solutions that worked for me was : Create a folder "Windows.old" on the old drive Move all those folders you want to delete under it Then select the old, right click, Properties and Disk Cleanup Select "Clean up system files" and click clean previous Windows version