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Apple TV Connect to Plex Media Server via Plex Connect

I followed these 2 links. The first one provide a good summary of what to do. The second one talk clearly about how to create the certificates. Anyway I've summarized what I did here. Environments :  Plex Media Server (PMS) on Windows 7 PC Apple TV 3rd Generation with software version 6.0.2 Software you needed : 1.  OpenSSL for creating the related certificates for SSL session between Apple TV and the PMS server. Follow the link and select the appropriate version for your Windows 7 (32 bit or 64 bit). You might need Visual C++ 2008 Redistribute which you can download from the same page 2.  Python 2.7.x This is needed because PlexConnect needs it to run. Need to be this version as other versions will not work. 3.  PlexConnect . This is basically a customized services listening to request from Apple TV when you select "Trailers"  and talk