Moving Thunderbird to new machine

What you have to do is to move the main mail folder and the local folders to the new machine. In my case, the main mail folder was D:\Mail and the local folders was D:\MailArchive\. Here's the steps.
1. After installing Thunderbird, create new account.
2. Go to Tools/Account Settings/Server Settings and change the local directory to D:\Mail. This is where your incoming mail will be stored. You will also get the existing mails and structures from the folder D:\Mail that you copied over. Nothing lost.
3. Then change the directory for the local foders.
4. The location of Address Book is fixed to C:\Users\\AppData\..Profile...\. You have to manually copy it over. There are 2 files, abook.mab and history.mab. You can change the .js script but it's too troublesome I think.

That's it. All mails including folders structure are smoothly migrated. This is why I love Thunderbird.

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