Google Reader to Kindle

1. is almost the perfect choice. You can set schedule, specify which folder in Google Reader, how many post to send. But it does not support images and does not fetch the full content.
2. SENDtoREADER. I found that it does not fetch the correct content. For example some content on sidebar not related to main article got fetched and mixed in with the main articles. I compared this to the way Readability fetched this correctly. Unacceptable.
3. Kindlefeeder does not get the whole content and does not send images or sometime send wrong images

So far I got perfect contents with images on Kindle from Readability. Just need to find a way to send feeds automatically to Readability so that I can set schedule to send the list update to Kindle from Readability. I think I'm going to use to do this. I can create multiple tasks in with each one correspond to one rss feed and send its update to Readability. Another way is to combine all rss feeds first using which is pretty easy to use or using Yahoo pipes which is amazingly flexible. So here is the services I'll be using:

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