Delete Multiple Personal Documents from Kindle Library

Amazon let you delete Personal Documents one by one. And it takes a lot of time waiting for refresh. I found a workaround from this thread :

Basically what you have to do is :

1. From Manage Your Kindle page, select Personal Documents (important : you have to select this for the script below to work)
2. Search or filter until you get the result list you want to delete
3. Use the following Javascript. In my case, I used Chrome and went to Menu --> Tools --> Javascript Console

javascript:(function(){ var v = new RegExp("PersonalDocuments"); if (!v.test(document.URL)) { return false; } {a=document.getElementsByClassName('rowBodyCollapsed');for(var i = 0; ietAttribute('asin'));};return; }})();
4. Enter and wait until the page refreshed. And all the 15 entries deleted.

Though not completely what I wanted but this is better than doing it one-by-one

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